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Lord Aaron Jarmaathis putting one of his rental properties up for sale. Lady Mesha has moved to Dennovar. The rumour is that the loss of one of his mistresses has caused the maintenance of the other one (Lady Trellend) to go up.

The Golden Lions are offering a free two-week training camp to members of the militia, both to better the current members and boost their numbers as part of the midsummer festivities.

A band of adventurers from Dennovar came through Brindol a few days ago. They’re headed to Rhest for some “cleanup and salvage.”

The Bandit Lord Lucien has been preying on merchant caravans and travellers along the North Road. Alys sent her younger brother Thuran Ward to fetch their father to speak with the party and potentially get work hunting Lucien and his gang down.

One of the gamblers in the Antler and Thistle has links to Lucien.


Body of the Wolf

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