City gates

There are 5 routes into town.

These are North Gate, Market Gate, River Gate, Dawn Gate and South Gate.

North Gate
North Gate is actually on the West side of the town. It gets its name because it is the Old North Road that passes through it. This is the main thoroughfare into town.

Market Gate
Actually two gates across the bridges from the market square. On Market days these two gates are left open throughout the day and late into the evening as the local farmers come and go.

River Gate
A small gate, mainly used for those townsfolk working in the orchards, the guards see a shift on this gate as the easy life.

Dawn Gate
The Dawn Way passes through this rarely used gate.

South Gate
South Gate is the other main route into town for the local farmers. It is also the gate through which any funeral processions enter the town from the outlying villages, and because of this it is sometimes called Black gate.

City gates

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