The Heroes of Brindol

Battle in the Library

With most of the witch’s allies heavily wounded or dead… and the witch herself bleeding profusely, the battle ended pretty quickly in favor of the Big Damn Heroes. Despite the loud ruckus caused by the heroes in Sarshan’s library, the arguing voices on the other side of the western door did not come to investigate.

Ravavyr quickly donned the bloodied robes of the dead witch and mimicked the voice of the fallen hag with enough accuracy to fool a trio of gloomwrought swordsmen and a dark creeper that had been arguing with them. Rather than jump straight into another fight, the heroes slunk back into the library after being “dismissed” by the dark creeper.

Another door to the northeast let to a small kitchen and a set of stairs up to an alchemist’s laboratory. With no one to stop them, the heroes pressed on and came to an indoor garden of sorts with a massive hole in the center of the room. The hole appeared to lead back down to the area where the dark creeper and the swordsmen were still arguing.

Back in the gardens, a trio of rot scarab swarms poured out of several bushes and enveloped the heroes. A gigantic, shadetouched beetle, appeared to be the smaller scarab swarms progenitor. It trundled out of a large, evergreen bush and was promptly sliced and diced and left for dead without ever having chanced upon giving a wound.

Midway through the battle, the trio of gloomwrought swordsmen levitated up through the hole in the floor from the ground floor. Ravavyr, still in the guise of the witch, managed to convince them to aid her with her “experiment” and disperse the swarms of rot scarabs. After the last swarm was finished, Clarissa turned on the gloomwrought swordsmen… but her attacks were defeated at every turn, leaving Skardreg a choice….

… join with Clarissa and slaughter the shadowtouched swordsmen or try to get Clarissa to heel and stop attacking.



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