The Heroes of Brindol

Preparing for the Race

The party returned to Brindol, having recovered the artifacts and all but one of the townsfolk taken by Sinruth and his forces. Kartenix had been ‘sacrificed’ by the goblins, fed to the ettercap and its spider brood. Despite this, the council was grateful and proclaimed the adventurers the Heroes of Brindol. After a celebratory dinner and ceremony, the people of Brindol began preparing for a race to honor the scout that made a run in record time to Overlook during the invasion many years ago.

Clarissa preferred to keep to her own business, rather than seek glory in the race through Brindol. She wandered the streets, following Chatt Ilyan, seeking a connection between him and this Lucien who might have been supplying arms to Sinruth and the others. Though she didn’t learn anything that she sought, she did discover that Ilyan appeared to be part of the thieve’s guild and was shaking down a number of businesses in Brindol.

All the others, aside from Francis, took to the race and immediately began preparing. Ragnar and Wired roamed the city, scoping out various paths from the southern gate to the northern guard tower. Skardreg rests after enjoying a variety of ales at different establishments throughout the city and Ravavyr ends up sleeping in the trees after stirring up trouble for himself with Two-Teeth, a large half-orc brute with the Diamond League adventuring group.



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