The Heroes of Brindol

Crossing the Witch

The return to Brindol after clearing the Ruins of Rivenroar of the hobgoblin threat proved to be mostly uneventful. At least until the returning Heroes investigated the disappearance of all the townsfolk in Witchcross. Investigation along the Witchstream river led the group to travel southwest out of Witchcross, deeper into the Witchwood.

Apparently witches were a big thing in this area at some point. Regardless of the unimaginative naming of the local points of interest… the party decided to follow the trail they had found. Clarissa snuck forward, ahead of the party… her golden eyes gleaming in the pale moonlight.

Someone got the drop on her though and it was only the lack of goblin stench that stayed her blade from gutting the unfortunate person to have tackled her to the ground. After a moment of confusion, Clarissa made her intentions known and the person released her.

Turns out, it was one of the townsfolk from Witchcross. The whole town had fled into the woods and were surviving with the aid of hunters and trappers deep in the Witchwood. The Heroes of Brindol were brought before the mayor and the council whereupon it was explained that the threat of the goblins and hobgoblins had passed and they could return to their homes.

Together, the townsfolk and the Heroes of Brindol celebrated late into the night and the next day. It was with warm tidings and well wishes from the townsfolk of Witchcross that the Heroes of Brindol left for the final leg to Brindol.



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