Brindol race

The history of the race originates from 50 years ago when the Red Hand of Doom attacked the vale, and a swift messenger was needed to run to Overlook to request aid in the fight.
Since then it has been an annual event of the Midsummer festival.

The race starts at first light from the South gate to the Market Gate and is typically ran on one of three routes.
These three routes are through the poor district, the main street or the rich district, roofs and gardens are all acceptable routes. The only rules there are is that there is no be no use of magic or weapons to attack other contestants. Many of the townsfolk see the race as an opportunity to play tricks on the contestants, and because much coin changes hands in betting on the winners those who haven’t been backed heavily often find themselves a target of these tricks and traps.

The prize for the winner is a coffer of gold containing 400 coins, and this year Commander Louthan is also offering a pair of magical boots.

The odds for this years race, as operated by Mr Ilyan, are as follows.

Two Teeth 2/5 Favourite
Skardreg 5/2
Dorian Lightstep 3/1
Alys Thornstrike 3/1
Ragnar Ulfnar 4/1
Garth Cooper5/1
Ravavyr Silentreader 5/1
Wired 5/1
Tom Burghar10/1

Wired got odds of 5/1 from Falcath for Skardreg, and put 75gp on.
Falcath was very nervous about the size of the bet, and left to speak with Mr Ilyan before accepting the bet.
Wired also offered these same odds of 5/1 to two merchants Melchior and Hondo, who are newly arrived in town from far off lands, and Content Not Found: stablemaster-fetters. The merchants both chose to bet 25gp a piece, and Hamlin bet all the spare coin that he had 1gp,2sp &30cp (a total of 1.5 gp).

Brindol race

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