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  • Two Teeth

    Two Teeth, or Karak as is his given name, is a hulking brute of a man. He is the main muscle of the [[Diamond League]] and is fond of a spot of rough-housing. He is originally from the Wyvernwatch Mountains. As one of the Diamond League he is well …

  • Master Aramis

    Clearly the leader of the Diamond League, it is said that he is the only surviving member of the original Diamond League.

  • Suzie Leafcutter

    Suzie often appears childlike in attitude, with a quick easy smile. For those that cross her though, they soon see the smile turn to a steely murderous glare.

  • Kit

    A nervous looking shifter, obviously uncomfortable with being in town. Being close to the rest of the Diamond league seems to be keeping her calm, but even with their care she can often been seen jumping at things she considers strange.

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