The Heroes of Brindol

The Race (Ragnar's View)

We woke in the morning in the Blue Dolphin inn and were greeted by Falcath who then brought a nice dinner and ale. Ravavyr noticed Falcath drop something into Skardreg’s drink and then promtly confronted him about. Falcath explained it was but only a pick me for the race. I feel uneasy about what I have easy but carry on none the less though.

Whilst eating Ravavyr also overhead a conversation with Falcath stating “Don’t worry the plans are in place”.

After the meal we set off for the Market square. The square was crowded and bustling with people. Across the river I noticed what looked like the boats were aligning themselves up to be a bridge. In the market there was a stage and Zefram comes up and announces the race.

After the speech we all head to the race start point, which is the south gate. All of us are standing in a line. Whilst preparing for the race I notice wired creep behind 2 Teeth and he then starts to tie his shoe laces together. “Damn that crazy priest!” I also notice Alys come up to Skardreg and say something as if to intimidate him. After their conversation I notice Ravavyr sneaks behind Alys and yanks a letter from out of her back pocket without her noticing.

After everyone is ready the signal is given for the race to start. The main path through the street looks crowded with people. I determine it would be better if I carry on with the original plan that me and Wired had come up. I run towards the building where we Wired and me have setup Stirrups on the side of the building. I climb up the stirrups easily and proceed to run across the tops of the buildings.

Behind me I noticed 2 Teeth trip over as wired had tied his shoe laces together and I let out a chuckle as I run.

As I run across the roof tops I judge that I could jump to the next block of buildings. I put all my might into the leap, but misjudge it and fall down doing an ungainly belly flop to the middle of the street.

I get up and brush myself down after the fall and set my sights on the next set of buildings where we setup the other stirrups. I climb them easily once again and proceed to run across the next set of root tops. These rooftops were a bit harder as as I was running the tiles started to slip but luckily I once again easily made it across.

At the end of the rooftops was once again the end of the blocks of houses and across the street was the temple of Kord. I once again try to jump onto the roof top of the temple. I make the jump and make it onto the ledge and pull myself up from it.

I carried on running across between the temple domes and looked out to the next phase of the race. This time it looked like I would not be able to jump to the next load of buildings so I therefore decided to jump down and try against the crowds on the street trying to stop the racers.

I managed to jump off down the temple and get across the street to the next block of buildings. This time it wasn’t so easy to climb up as there were no stirrups buried on the outside of the building. Luckily due to my experience of hunting and climbing in the mountains and plains I once again climbed up on top of the building and continued to run across them.

In the near distance I spot 2 teeth the half orc. I managed to run towards him as he is climbing up the building and managed to run into him and knock him off down to the ground.

I then try to do the jump to the next block of buildings but misjudge it and start falling. Luckily beneath me is a market stall canopy and I brace myself against it and roll of it safely.

I get up once again and start climbing on to the next building so as to avoid the crowds in the market square. I climb up and carry on across the buildings. Not too far behind me is two teeth and he makes the jump which I had fallen down, but he makes it.

I get to the end of the block of buildings and in front of me is Brindol river. I jump off the building and dive into the river where I had swam in the night before, where I had found the small boat that the halfling girl had placed into the river.

As I swim across the river I hear the word “Geronimo” screamed and then there is a tremendous crash and a splash as I wave helps propel me across the river. This was two teeth dive bombing into the river.

The wave helps get me to the other side and I make a run for the tower where we are to ring the bell and present our letter to win the race. I run through the tower and make a concentrated effort to reach the end. Ahead I see Alys the barmaid ahead. I push myself further and catch up with her. I manage to knock he off the side and she falls down a few flights of stairs.

The end is getting very near in sight, so I push harder than I’ve pushed before. This doesn’t seem enough as Alys is nearly caught up. I have to push harder and will the primal spirits to help me. I then push and something inside me wills me on and I do a flip onto the rop level and manage to ring the bell and present my letter.

It seems I had won the race of Brindol! I am presented with 400gp reward and some magic boots. After the hardship of the race I decide to go back to the Blue dolphin to celebrate and buy everyone a round of drinks. When I get back to the tavern the roof has a boat sticking out of it. Falcath is confused and exasperated as to how a boat could appear from within his tavern, especially as the source of the boat seems to be my room. I then start putting the pieces together. It seems that two teeth was going to use the small boat I had found to win. This boat when the keyword “Geronimo” is said will expand into a big boat. As I left the boat in my backpack, when he spoke the words it must have expanded in the tavern! I feel terrible about this, but don’t tell falcath and decide to give him 50GP to see if it helps. He graciously accepts and the celebrations continue.

Preparing for the Race

The party returned to Brindol, having recovered the artifacts and all but one of the townsfolk taken by Sinruth and his forces. Kartenix had been ‘sacrificed’ by the goblins, fed to the ettercap and its spider brood. Despite this, the council was grateful and proclaimed the adventurers the Heroes of Brindol. After a celebratory dinner and ceremony, the people of Brindol began preparing for a race to honor the scout that made a run in record time to Overlook during the invasion many years ago.

Clarissa preferred to keep to her own business, rather than seek glory in the race through Brindol. She wandered the streets, following Chatt Ilyan, seeking a connection between him and this Lucien who might have been supplying arms to Sinruth and the others. Though she didn’t learn anything that she sought, she did discover that Ilyan appeared to be part of the thieve’s guild and was shaking down a number of businesses in Brindol.

All the others, aside from Francis, took to the race and immediately began preparing. Ragnar and Wired roamed the city, scoping out various paths from the southern gate to the northern guard tower. Skardreg rests after enjoying a variety of ales at different establishments throughout the city and Ravavyr ends up sleeping in the trees after stirring up trouble for himself with Two-Teeth, a large half-orc brute with the Diamond League adventuring group.

Crossing the Witch

The return to Brindol after clearing the Ruins of Rivenroar of the hobgoblin threat proved to be mostly uneventful. At least until the returning Heroes investigated the disappearance of all the townsfolk in Witchcross. Investigation along the Witchstream river led the group to travel southwest out of Witchcross, deeper into the Witchwood.

Apparently witches were a big thing in this area at some point. Regardless of the unimaginative naming of the local points of interest… the party decided to follow the trail they had found. Clarissa snuck forward, ahead of the party… her golden eyes gleaming in the pale moonlight.

Someone got the drop on her though and it was only the lack of goblin stench that stayed her blade from gutting the unfortunate person to have tackled her to the ground. After a moment of confusion, Clarissa made her intentions known and the person released her.

Turns out, it was one of the townsfolk from Witchcross. The whole town had fled into the woods and were surviving with the aid of hunters and trappers deep in the Witchwood. The Heroes of Brindol were brought before the mayor and the council whereupon it was explained that the threat of the goblins and hobgoblins had passed and they could return to their homes.

Together, the townsfolk and the Heroes of Brindol celebrated late into the night and the next day. It was with warm tidings and well wishes from the townsfolk of Witchcross that the Heroes of Brindol left for the final leg to Brindol.

An End to Sinruth's Rule...

We chased the fleeing wererat into an old dusty chapel. There we found the three shields and the ceremonial sword taken from Brindol, leaving just the gauntlets and the helm to find. The wererat escaped through a narrow passage behind the obelisk and we decided not to pursue further. Instead we just barred the doors shut. After that we went south and then through the columned hall that headed east from the room where the demon was bound.

The floor was literally covered in old bones with large piles scattered here and there. As soon as we entered, they started to animate and rise into brittle skeletons. Two other undead pulled massive battle axes off the wall as we entered the fray and knocked out a few of the brittle skeletons. One of the undead was a wight, the other was a shatterbone skeleton that would prove to be very nearly deadly to the entire party.

By the way… you have an awesome new axe:

The shatterbone skeleton almost caused a total party kill. When it was bloodied and when it was destroyed, it exploded in a huge blast of bone shards everywhere. The wight wasn’t helping with some nasty blast/push effects either. The wight started to cast a spell and none knew what it was, but Clarissa managed to finish it off (only because I remembered to use Backstab at the very last second) after setting up a flanking maneuver with the recently revived Ravavyr (we had both Rav and Ragnar making death saves).

Had the wight completed his spell, he would have reanimated the shatterbone skeleton at bloodied value! We were all down near single digit hp at this point. So it was damn close to a TPK. After that, we raided another three sarcophagi and came up with some more loot, including a Spidersilk Mantle (assigned to Ravavyr) and some coin and a Flask of Dragon’s Breath (assigned to Skardreg… it’s effin’ AWESOME for a tank).

After looting those, we finally cleared the last room… where we faced Sinruth / Sindol… whom we beat like a red headed step child. Seriously. The fight with the wight, shatterbone skeleton, and the respawning brittle skeletons was far more difficult than Sinruth. The room also had these enchanted stones in the floor (that I want to take with us, lol) that emanate cold, frosty chill within five feet. We could totally sell them for cooling food/meat/etc.

After taking all the coin from Sinruth’s hoard, we are ready to leave the ruins and head back to town!

Into the depths at last...

Having given the forces below plenty of time to prepare, the Heroes of Brindol ventured deeper into the Ruins of Rivenroar… wary of ambush. Their wariness proved to be fortuitous. The hobgoblins had set two large tables on their side in a large room. A pool of golden liquid was splashed across the bottom of the steps leading into the room.

“Oil,” Ravavyr said with a quick glance. The others gathered at the top of the stairs nodded and rushed down into the room, leaping over the oil as the hobgoblins taking cover behind it ignited the oil with a fiery crossbow bolt. Clarissa, Ravavyr, Skardreg, and Ragnar made it into the room, taking little damage from the flames while Wired and Francis hung back behind the flames.

Clarissa, after leaping over the flames, dashed around the corner and left a rage drake severely wounded. She quickly found herself pinned down between two of the rage drakes and one of their hobgoblin handlers. The others moved in to take the pressure off the beleaguered thief, creating an opening for her to slip free of the drakes toothy maws. In the far corner, a goblin dressed in the trappings of a spellcaster cursed Skardreg, surrounding him in a swarm of stinging and biting insects that punished him for every step. Battle was then enjoined by the rest of the group as the flames at the bottom of the stairs died down.

The hexer left the Heroes fumbling around in a cloud of darkness, though it did little to stop the Heroes in the end. With both Skardreg and Clarissa blinded by the hexer’s attacks, Ragnar stepped in to end the hexer’s life. The blindness soon faded and a few hobgoblins were all that were left. Clarissa, frustrated by the pinprick attacks from one of the hobgoblins, vanished into the familiar black ribbons of shadow and reappeared as a sable furred wolf with gleaming golden eyes. Her maw was soon dripping with the black goblin blood of the hobgoblin… who looked at Clarissa in astonishment. He soon choked on his own blood pouring into his lungs from his ripped out throat and collapsed to the cold, stone floor.

Shaking the blood from her maw, Clarissa stalked northwards… following the faint sounds of sobbing from behind a stone door bound with a leather strap. A four-way cross kept the Heroes from moving ahead quickly and before they could investigate, the light of Skardreg’s sunrod attracted the attention of a pair of bloodthirsty ghouls and some zombies shambling near a shimmering pool of water on the floor in a room to the north. The ghouls sped quickly up the steps, necrotic energy fueling their blood lust and speed.

Clarissa was the first they saw and leapt upon her with savage ferocity. The dark powers imbuing their rotting flesh with unnatural strength and swiftness left her drained and barely able to stand, let alone back away from the snapping jaws. The zombies were not given the same gift of unnatural speed, but it made them no less dangerous than the ghouls. Fortunately the battle was far less “exciting” than the encounter with the hobgoblins barricaded behind the tables. Ravavyr struck down one zombie in a single blow, completely crushing its skull and splattering his nearby allies with putrid gray matter rotten with worms.

While the others went down the stairs to investigate the waters, Clarissa wandered off into the shadows… her golden eyes giving her a distinct advantage in the darkness… more than her human appearance would suggest. As she skulked through the near total darkness of the tomb, she found the source of the sobbing… though someone with ears sharper than an elf caught the thief in a moment of clumsiness as her boot scraped across a small bump of stone on the floor.

“Who’s there?” asked a young boy’s voice in the common tongue.

Clarissa crept forward, wary of exposing herself to whomever was in the shadows ahead of her… when Skardreg opened the door to the room and the light of his sunrod illuminated a small boy and a women, weeping. The Heroes has rescued the last of the captives taken by the ogres and hobgoblins. Quickly they unbound the Jalissa and Thuran… trying to ignore the boys barrage of questions about his dead, Kartenix.

Fed up with the boy… Clarissa flatly stated, “He’s dead.” This was met with a defiant glare from the boy, Thuran.

“No he’s not.”

“Whatever. I can show you his corpse if you’d like…” Clarissa muttered as she wandered away from the two, having little patience for snotty brats or weepy women. Fortunately, egress from the tomb was foremost on everyone’s mind and the Heroes escorted both Jalissa and Thuran outside to meet with Pangeon and the other rescued Brindol townsfolk. There was a moment of debate about returning to Brindol… but Ravavyr reminded everyone else that the several of the artifacts taken from Brindol still remained in enemy hands.

Weary of this place and its many dangers, the Heroes descended once more after a short rest. Fortunately, no ambushes awaited them; nor did they come across any more hastily constructed defenses. What they did come across was a shock to them all. A DEMON!! bound by unknown arcane powers in the center of four columns. Francis attempted to bargain with the demon in exchange for freeing it… but a whispered voice reached the ears of Ravavyr.

“You are free.” Ravavyr shouted a warning, but it was a little late. The power of unseen sigils in the columns faded and the demon shook free of the invisible shackles binding him into that space. Battle was joined once more. Pangeon, Skardreg, and Wired kept the demon busy as Ravavyr dashed further northward into the tombs, seeking the source of the whispers. Clarissa hesitated a moment… wanting to strike down the demon with the combined strength of the Heroes, but a painful cry from the north drew her to try and save Ravavyr.

The ruthless ruffian had riled the rat-men in the hallway to the north. They had quickly surrounded him and in two blindingly fast attacks, left him nearly dead and writhing in pain on the floor. Wired was able to waken the rogue with a word of healing as Clarissa descended upon the walking rodents. Her barrage of attacks left one severely wounded and then dead a moment later, but not before it was able to bite through the thick leather armor guarding her thigh. Ravavyr struck the other rat-man and wounded it greatly. It fled easy through a pair of doors and slammed them shut.

Back in the room… Skardreg, Ragnar, and Francis put an end to the demon… banishing it from the mortal realms for a hundred years. Fortunately for most of the Heroes, they would long be dead before the demon could return, though their descendants may suffer the wrath of the banished outsider a hundred years hence. At Clarissa’s feet, the rat-man she had slain continued to bleed out onto the stones of the crypt… but it was no longer a rat. A near naked human lay in its place.

“Oh bloody hell,” Clarissa cursed as she tied a bandage tight around the festering wound on her thigh.

Turning the tables...


The Heroes of Brindol took refuge at the entrance of the ancient Ruins of Rivenroar and spent a quarter of a day recuperating from their exhausting exploration and deadly combat in the depths of the ruins. Sertanian and Zarriksa complained the entire time… badgering the weary heroes about Jalissa and Thuran who remain captive in the ruins. As the heroes finally readied themselves to venture back into Rivenroar, a force of hobgoblins and two fiery drakes launched an all out assault in the entrance hall with the blazing urns.

The battle was fierce and bloody and two of the heroes, Ragnar and Ravavyr, were almost slain by the hobgoblins and their trained drakes. Fortunately, Wired was able to treat their wounds and keep their souls from passing beyond the mortal realms. Clarissa, tumbling over the bleeding and unconscious Ragnar, slid her rapier through the lungs of the final hobgoblin and knocked him to the floor with a swift kick in the small of his back.

The hobgoblin rolled over, gasping for air as blood bubbled out of the wounds. His lungs were soon full of the viscous, black goblin blood and the light drained from his eyes. The heroes now turn their eyes towards rescuing Jalissa and Thuran… hoping that the hobgoblins sudden assault was a sign of desperation.

Rats, Gnomes, and BITEY LIZARDS

Into the ruins our heroes did stride.
Today is the day they turn the tide.
Black goblin blood, spilt on stone.
Hew the flesh, and crack the bone.
Festering fever from filth ridden rats.
Their black, dirty fur; congealed mattes.
Black-eyed gnomes attack from shadow.
Their origins Clarissa does know.
Bite, gnaw, tear, and gnash.
Swarms of lizards, claw and slash.

After a fierce battle against giant rats, more fey-touched gnomes, and massive swarms of tiny lizards with needle-like fangs… the Heroes of Brindol take a much needed rest at the entrance to the Ruins of Rivenroar following the rescue of both Mirtala and the dwarf, Andronsius. Much beneath these old ruins still lies unexplored however; and the priestess, Jalissa, and the boy, Thuran, still remain to be found.

So this is where the goblins went...

Clarissa was worried that they had cleared out all the hobgoblins and their goblin allies already, leaving Sertanian unable to vent his rage. Fortunately for the elderly sage… the goblinoids were not far at all, but first the Heroes of Brindol had to fight their way through an ettercap lair and swarms of spiders.

Across the way, a large ettercap directed a swarm of spiders to attack. Skardrag, still in the hall, drew the attention of the spider swarm, though it mostly just crawled around on his armor for the longest time. Francis was not hesitant about blasting the spiders off the armor of Skardreg with bolts of fire and eldritch energy. Clarissa weaved through her allies with uncanny grace and frowned… there was little light in the corner, but she could see another ettercap hiding along the wall to the right.

Most odd… she thought to herself, but the heat of battle left her little time to question this new found ability. Ravavyr either tripped over his own boots or was knocked to the floor by the attack of the ettercap. Clarissa spoke in thieve’s cant with Ravavyr. The other Heroes of Brindol boggled at the inane babble between the two rogues, but its purpose soon became clear. Clarissa slipped around the weaving spear of the ettercap as Ravavyr struggled to his feet. With unnerving timing, Clarissa and Ravavyr struck together, devastating the ettercap. Black ichor flowed from gouges and holes in its carapace.

Skardreg and the recently rescued Ragnar kept the other two ettercaps busy while Wired and Francis supported from just inside the hall at the top of the stairs. After the battle, the heroes discovered the corpse of Kartenix, slain by the ettercaps and fed upon like a bug in a spider’s web. Wired claimed the enchanted armor, knowing that the fallen divine warrior would rather see its strength put to use in the defense of Brindol and its people than to rust and rot in an aging tomb.

The Heroes of Brindol pushed forward, heading through the doors north of the ettercaps lair. Their short rest was quickly interrupted when they came upon a rather large drake and its hobgoblin keeper. The battle was brutal and pushed into the next room, where they discovered a balcony above another crypt. Numerous goblins and hobgoblins were in wait to ambush the heroes at the bottom of the stairs. Rather than force their way down the stairs and through a gauntlet of ranged attacks, several of the heroes decided to take a shortcut.

Ragnar gave the hobgoblin beastmaster a head start though, by kicking the goblinoid over the side of the balcony. After hitting the wall with a sickening meaty smack, it fell to the floor next to a dusty sarcophagus. Ragnar followed over the edge, landing on top of the sarcophagus with a hearty roar. Clarissa shifted into her dark, wolf form and leapt over the side as well… but was knocked aside from her intended target – the throat of a goblin – by a heavy wooden shield the goblin threw up just in time. The goblins were thrown into disarray by the unconventional tactics of the Heroes of Brindol and never recovered and were quickly slain with little chance to drive the heroes out.

After looting the goblins and searching the sarcophagi,the heroes turned their attention to the doors to the south.

To be continued…

Portals, Spectres, and Oozes... oh my!

The adventurers from Brindol drove out the hobgoblins and goblins from their makeshift sleeping quarters in the crypts beneath the Ruins of Castle Rivenroar. After the gurgling last breath of the last goblin… our would-be-rescuers noticed a shimmering blue light coming from beneath a set of double doors. Inside the room, a magical painting hung motionless in the air along the length of a stony, moss covered wall.

It appeared as if the painting itself was some kind of portal to another realm or part of this realm. Gusts of wind blew across the grass covered plains beneath an ancient castle. Wired peered closely at the painting and noticed a brown smudge moving closer to the foreground of the painting. Alarmingly, the ooze spilled out of the painting and immediately assaulted the adventurers.

A flurry of attacks splattered brown ichor all over the flagstones of the crypt floor and the rather large pile of ooze split into two smaller oozes. A pair of ghostly spectres appeared out of the walls of the small crypt, taking the opportunity to strike at the adventurers unawares… well, they would have taken them unawares had Clarissa not spotted them and called out to her allies.

“Beware the walls! Something else lurks about here.”

The spectres almost proved to be the undoing of the stalwart Skardreg and the rest of the party. The life-draining touch of the spectres cut right through armor, flesh, and bone, leaving Clarissa and the others with a deathly grey pallor. Wary of wading deeper into the crypt as weary and worn as they were, the adventurers holed up in the sleeping quarters of the slain goblins. Fortunately, the time passed quickly and uneventfully.

Pushing deeper into the crypt, they found more corpses wrapped up in dusty old wrappings in alcoves along the walls. Two devilish gnomes appeared the crypt and with little warning, attacked. The battle was furious and the gnomes summoned two lobster-like magma para-elementals. One gnome attempted to sneak away, invisible… but Clarissa caught the sound of its booted feet on the dusty stones. Her rapier pierced thin air and then a strangled cry of pain erupted as blood dripped onto the floor. A breath later, the gnome reappeared and slumped to the floor.

The other gnome made the same mistake moments later after Clarissa charged across the crypt to attack. It was similarly left bleeding out on the cold stone floor. Meanwhile, Skardreg, Wired, Ravavyr, and Francis were breaking apart the rock lobster elementals.

After the battle, Wired came across a small ruby and a sum of gold that was quickly divided up among the victors. Skardreg unearthed a small, finely crafted keg of ale that amazingly was well preserved. Further exploration of the crypt was prompted by calls for help from down a hallway… and the group grew by two as they had rescued Sertanian, the castellan at Castle Brindol and a raggedy looking barbarian named Ragnar.

Sertanian quickly asked for a blade despite his age, to help him take his revenge on the goblins. His hatred of the race evident in his demeanor and speech.

To be continued…

Look out below!
Scrawled by Skardreg

Reunited on the floor above, the group took a short moment to rest and prepare for their next foray into another part of the ruins. Deciding on their route, they headed through the Western door, above which was a plaque that read “Von Ursdt”. Greeting their entry into the next room was a mob of Hobgoblins and one Hobgoblin soldier. Behind these was a corridor leading to the North, which was interspersed with two large holes in the floor leading to the cavern the party had so recently been in. Gibbering on far side of the nearest hole were two Goblin archers, one of which had several bolts protruding from it and a small river of dark blood flowing from its wounds.

Eager to get into action, Clarissa deftly closed the distance to the Hobgoblins and laid waste to one with several lethal strikes of her rapier and attempted to take a swing at the Hobgoblin soldier but her attack was ineffective as the creature was working in tandem with the nearest Hobgoblin and they kept their shields firmly to the front, warding off Clarissa’s attack. Ravavyr followed Clarissa’s lead and killed another of the Hobgoblin mob but the Hobgoblin soldier seized the advantage after blocking Clarissa and lashed out with a sweep of its sword and caught Clarissa deeply, her leather armour no defense against the keen blade.

Seeing his comrade injured, Skardreg gave a howl of anger and raced to Clarissa’s side and engaged the Hobgoblin soldier and delivered two crushing blows that seriously wounded it but it did not fall and continued to put up a defense. This assault allowed Wired to staunch the worst of Clarissa’s wounds and then together with Francis they send a combination of Sacred Flames, Eldritch Blasts and Firery Bursts into the the Hobgoblins, causing yet more casualties, killing the last of the Hobgoblins and the soldier.

With the Hobgoblins out of the way, the wounded Goblin archer was felled in quick time. Feeling rather brave, the remaining archer fired an arrow at Skardreg with surprising accuracy and caught the Half-Orc in one of the joins of his scale armour, drawing a surprised grunt from him. Eager to repay the debt, Skardreg measured the distance from himself to the Goblin, took a run up and jumped as far as he could, landing not so gracefully on the other side of the drop. Momentum carried him just passed the Goblin and using his shield he began to herd it towards the drop. Seeing what was happening, the Goblin used its small size to its advantage and squeezed under the shield and made a run for it up the corridor.

Recovered from her wounds, Clarissa vaulted the gap with ease and sprinted after the goblin while Ravavyr fired off another bolt from his hand crossbow. In an attempt to support his counterparts in finishing off the final Goblin, Francis also attempted the jump however as he was blocked from behind by a Hobgoblin corpse he did not have room to take a run up. He elected to do and standing jump and catch the rope suspended from the roof and swing the rest of the way across but disaster struck! At the crucial moment when Francis leapt, the edge of the pit gave way under his weight and crumbled into the hole, swiftly followed by a flailing Francis who disappeared into the darkness below, where a strangled cry emanated from Francis followed by faint high pitched screaming.

Francis slowly made his way back up to the room above again. Upon passing Pangeon, Zarriksa and the pack mule he was greeted by some very confused looks. Pangeon was about to ask Francis how on earth he ended back down the stairs but one look from Francis told him that it was wiser for him not to.

With the last Goblin dead and a returning Francis back the with others, the party rested and considered their next move.


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