Treasure discovered

Treasure uncovered from the Rivenroar Crypts


Sleeping quarters – 15gp & 38sp. (extra 7gp pocketed by Ravavyr)

Von Ursdt Crypt – Ruby (appraised by Clarissa as 80gp, Ravavyr thought 500gp), 80gp and cask of fine ale.

Chamber of webs – Rebuking chainmail +1 (taken from Kartenix and worn by Wired)

Rivenroar crypt – 160sp from Hobgoblins, 140sp and 130gp on the altars. Potion of healing and 10gp in a sarcophagus.

Rivenroar chapel (with the Displacer beast statues) – hidden in the altar was a Necklace of keys

Chamber of Works in the Dwarven Monastery – +2 Rapier (commisioned for Master Aramis)
– +2 Cloak of Resistance


Treasure discovered

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