Chatt Ilyan

Gambler, claims he has a link to the bandit lord Lucien


Chatt was in the Antler & Thistle when the hobgoblins attacked Brindol.
Rather than running, he chose to try and take as much coin from the table he was gambling at as possible, causing his fellow gamblers to stay and stop him taking their coin.
When the Clumsy Fellowship finally defeated the Goblins and Hobgoblins, and asked for their rightfu reward, he shouted that he would get the coin back and more once Lucien caught uo with them.

Sergeant Collins suspects Chatt as opening the gates to allow the invasion of Brindol to happen, it doesn’t seem as if this is possible though, as Chatt was in the Antler & Thistle at the time that the attack happened, and had been for a couple of hours at least.

Collins has told the party that Chatt is a dodgy character at best, however at present there isn’t evidence that he can be convicted for, so there is little that Collins can do.


Chatt Ilyan

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