Alys Thornstrike

Confident Eladrin woman


Alys Thornstrike has entered the Brindol race
Little is known of her, except that she obviously Eladrin, rather than just an Elf, and when Skardreg attempted to intimidate her into handing over her letter to him, she replied that maybe it would be better for him to give his letter to her.
She is evidently confident in her own abilities, but exactly what they are is yet to be seen.

At the end of the race, she dove straight into the river, and to all appearances swam off. It now appears that she entered the Blue Dolphin shrank the boat which had suddenly appeared in Ragnars room and fled with it. She was last seen leaving Brindol through the Old North Gate.
This was all discovered by the Heroes and passed on to Two Teeth and Suzie of the Diamond League who had been accusing the Heroes of taking the boat themselves.

Alys Thornstrike

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