The Heroes of Brindol

Into Sarshan's Tower

After recovering from their ordeal in the Dark Foundry, the heroes, led by Skardreg, made their way towards the entrance to Sarshan’s tower, the seat of power in Umbraforge. Hanging from the half-orc’s backpack is the severed head of the dark creeper, Modra.

The secret door leading into the tower however, stymies the warrior and Francis steps up to have a look at it. The warlock tries to finagle the mechanism to open the door, but the complexity is beyond his grasp. Clarissa reaches up to the wall from behind the warlock and flips a hidden lever within the clockwork mechanisms with the tip of her rapier. A quick jab and the door opens, revealing a cluttered library.

The dim light in the library reveals a number of potential enemies. Skardreg lifts the head of Modra and shouts, “We’ve brought proof of Modra’s death and want to see Sarshan!” Whether out of confusion or simply due to orders, the shadowed warriors and their witch leader launch an attack on Skardreg and the rest of the group.

The half-orc warrior barrels into the library, shield leading, and slams one of the shadar-kai into a tall bookshelf. Clarissa weaves between her allies and drives another of the shadar-kai away from the entrance, making room for the others to move in. Both notice something off with the bookshelves and then Clarissa spots the rows of tiny holes in each shelf. The witch in the other room activates the trap and soon, black bolts of shadow are flying through the room in a thick web of pain and suffering.

Clarissa is oddly unaffected by the bolts… Skardreg is nearly pinned as one of the warriors he faces pulls a bookcase over onto the half-orc. The heroes then started toppling bookshelves left and right, trying to pin or daze their targets, but doing little more than spilling books all over the floor and making it difficult to move. This did however, end the threat of the trap for the time being.

Francis blinked through time and space after the death of the first shadow-touched warrior, putting himself into mortal danger as he revealed the presence of several more trapped bookshelves. Clarissa tried to dodge and weave her way through the mass of enemies, but was wounded heavily by the attempt. After she reached the side of the Warlock, she went to work on the trap and disabled it.

Meanwhile, Skardreg and Longbeard had cornered the witch and the remaining shadow-touched warrior while Ravavyr paired off against the Gloomblade. Longbeard leapt up onto a thick oaken table and drove his axe blade deep into the witches shoulder. She looked towards the nearest door, as if to attempt escape, but was blocked by both Skardreg and Longbeard right next… and Francis and Clarissa at the door.



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