The Heroes of Brindol

Battle for the Dark Foundry

As the ominous rumbling continued to shake the foundry and surrounding environs, the Big Damn Heroes continued their assault on Modra and his shadowgoblin allies. The last of the foul liquid drained from the massive vat on the far wall, which Clarissa avoided by rolling beneath the pipe and charging the archers to the south that were peppering her comrades with arrows.

A brutal bite from her wolfen maw left one archer reeling in pain. He lost his footing and tumbled over the edge of the bridge he had been using to get a clear view of the combat along the eastern wall of the foundry. Skardreg and Longbeard leapt into the fray, their axes hewing shadowgoblin heads from necks and cleaving bodies in twain.

Francis and Reniss ducked under the pipes to follow a few of the shadow-touched goblins when Modra made his appearance finally, hurling a dagger at the warlock. Wired remained atop of the pipes, risking being out in the open and a target for the archers or Modra’s hurled knives to be able to aid all his allies.

Clarissa finished off one of the archers that had drawn a heavy mace from his belt. She growled and nudged the burnt and stinking corpse back into the lava to be disposed of and then charged across the bridge to deal with the other archer. Rather than risk its precarious position on top of a stack of crates, the shadowgoblin archer hopped down to try and put them between him and the black-furred, golden-eyed wolf bearing down on him.

Skardreg and the others pursued Modra, but were temporarily blinded by a thick cloud of midnight black magic that left them stumbling around, avoiding the lava only by the heat it was putting off. The other archer fell to the gleaming rapier, stolen from Aramis of the Diamond League by Clarissa. The thief then joined her allies in the pursuit of Modra, but was frustrated by the shadow magic the dark creeper used to bar their sight.

A scrape of stone, barely heard over the tectonic rumblings and the clank and grinding roar of gears and chains in the foundry, was Clarissa’s only clue when her all out assault met no resistance. The foul Modra had fled. After calling on the aid of the Longbeard and relying on his knowledge of earth and stone and the working of both, Clarissa and the others were able to open the secret door Reniss had told them about and gave chase to Modra.

The crafty creeper had almost given them the slip when Reniss pointed out the tracks doubled back and vanished at a point halfway down the seldom used secret tunnel that led from the foundry to Sarshan’s tower. After a long while, the heroes were able to open a second secret door and confront Modra for the final time. The blood from his corpse stained the dust covered flagstones of the hidden sanctuary.

Weary and wary of pushing into the tower to find Sarshan, the heroes opted to seal the sanctuary and take an extended rest to recover from the tortuous ordeal of fighting in the foundry, where the fumes and heat from the lava flowing through had taken its toll.



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