The Heroes of Brindol

Happy Beggars and Batwing Crunchies

Having gained a lead from the Hag on where to find information regarding the Shadowtouched Key, the Heroes return to Overlook and head straight for the Happy Beggar tavern. It seemed to be run down place and few in the district favored it, since the owners carried little more than a weak ale.

Prashan and his wife, Osmyn, were retired paladins that had taken over the Happy Beggar almost a decade prior. They are known for their charity and aid to the poor and needy in Overlook. Clarissa curled her lips in derision as she glanced at the patrons. If any of them had any information regarding the Shadowfell and portals to that curses plane… they were well in disguise.

Ravavyr and Skardreg took spent some time speaking with Prashan while Clarissa sipped on an elven tea, since the Happy Beggar didn’t carry any of her favorite delicacy, cinnamon spiced hot chocolate. Prashan himself declared that he had no knowledge of portals or the Shadowfell beyond what was commonly known amongst adventurers in the realms. His wife knew little more, but would prove to have valuable knowledge a short while later.

Ravavyr inquired about the private room. Prashan noted it was for more private matters or people that needed a quiet place to rest for a time. Ravavyr decided to introduce himself to the people in the room… and was surprised to see Bronx, one of the pair of hapless thugs that had attempted to mug the Heroes for their gold shortly after the Heroes had returned to Overlook after sealing the Nexus.

“Bronx!” Rav called out. The thug paled and shrunk back away from Ravavyr. A brief conversation ensued and Bronx tried to get around Rav, to escape the uncomfortable brewing confrontation. Fortunately for Bronx however, Prashan was more than willing to step up and defend him and the other person in the room. Which turned out to be one of those dark creeper folk from the Shadowfell.

Skardreg remembered his kind from the Rivenroar Ruins north of Brindol many months ago. It took a bit of a bribe and a threat of violence to get the information out of him, but the Heroes discovered that Morda, the same one Rufus Crowley threatened the Heroes with, may have a portal to the Shadowfell somewhere in or around the city of Overlook and was stirring up problems between various factions.

Meanwhile, Clarissa snuck past Osmyn in the cellar after Skardreg mentioned seeing someone vanish down the steps. She quickly discovered a bolt hole that lead into the depths below the city of Overlook. Closing the door behind her, she ventured into a dank cavern filled with fungus covered stalagmites and stalactites dripping fetid water onto the floor below. The leathery rustle of wings warned the worgen thief of an impending attack, but it was the sudden blast of spores from the fungus that caught her off guard.

Fortunately, the spores were little more than a nuisance. It was the bats that proved to be a threat. With wings spans a pace and half again across, they swooped out of the shadows above and clawed at Clarissa time and time again after she caught the first one in her jaws and ripped its wings from its body.

Rather than continue to offer the bats an easy target, Clarissa retreated down another tunnel and took a few moments to catch her breath and recover from her injuries. The blood of the remaining bats soon matted the fur around her maw and stained her fangs crimson. Clarissa then decided to return to the Happy Beggar and promptly informed the Osmyn and Prashant about the problem beneath their tavern and urged her allies to follow her.

After a short discussion, and a brief interrogation of Clarissa by Osmyn, the Heroes descended into the secret tunnel beneath the Happy Beggar and followed it to a small room. In the center of the room, a shimmering portal swirled in shadow and darkness. The faint light emanating from it doing little to illuminate the room. More dark creepers waited for the Heroes, along with a sinister figure cloaked in shadow. Two black furred hounds the size of small horses were caged next to the portal and one of the creepers freed the wolf to attack the heroes.



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