The Heroes of Brindol

Rufus and the Hag

The sickening crunch of bone and meaty sound of flesh hitting stone left little to the Heroes imaginations of what Rufus Crawley was doing with the corpses he purchased from the downtrodden of Overlook. The lack of stairs to the upper levels of Crawley’s tower forced the Heroes to retreat from what might have been an devastating encounter. Clarissa slammed the thick oak doors shut and spiked them in place as Longbeard and Francis fled form the interior of the necromancer’s tower.

Sounds of thick bars being dropped into place resonated through the wood from the inside of the tower. Rufus than shouted at the retreating Heroes, “I’ll have Modra bring me your heads.”

Clarissa paused long enough to shout back,“Send ‘em our way and we’ll give you his head back as a warning.” The Heroes, always ready for battle, always ready to travel, spoke briefly to the guards at the outermost gate and had word sent to Captain Gravel that they would be leaving Overlook for a few days to discover more information about traveling to the Shadowfell from the Hag at the Fist in the Stonehome Mountains. They also sent word about their disagreement with Rufus in the slums of Overlook… hoping to head off any rumors that could lead to a misunderstanding between the Heroes and the government in Overlook.

On the way to the Fist, the Heroes decided to take the same path they had taken to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain. Recent orc kills along the path were evidence of either Darian the hunter’s passage through or perhaps Lord Kalad’s. The Heroes reached the Monastery shortly after nightfall and were disconcerted to hear the sounds of crunching bones.

A quick reconnaissance by Clarissa and Ravavyr showed a pair of mated trolls snacking on the corpses of the orcs left behind by the Heroes. They weren’t picky about eating the rotted meat of the long dead dwarf monks either. Rather than face them in the night with little light to see by, the Heroes hunkered down in the rocks outside the monastery for the night and returned in the morning.

Clarissa opened the doors of the monastery and was able to keep the trolls from noticing. Skardreg and Longbeard used the opportunity to ambush the sleeping troll as the other troll was piling bodies near the altar. Ravavyr and Clarissa joined the half-orc and dwarf, surrounding the beleaguered troll. It’s tough hide and natural regenerative ability made it a difficult foe to topple. It didn’t help that its mate was a practiced spellcaster.

Ghostly claws tormented the Heroes time and time again, leaving them dazed and vulnerable to the male trolls powerful strikes. Reckless charges across the blood slicked flagstones of the Monastery proved to be too much for the trolls to handle and they were soon dispatched and burned by Francis’ witchfire and eldritch blasts.

The Heroes then sealed the Monastery and continued on to the Fist to find and speak with the Hag… who turned out to be a real Hag. Rather than threaten and intimidate as was their usual wont, the Heroes offered up their own blood for any information the Hag might have concerning the Shadowtouched Key and how they might journey to the Shadowfell.

After a series of disappointing answers to incompetently vague questions, the Hag took pity on the Heroes and told them that if they found the Happy Beggar, they would have the answers to their questions.



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