The Heroes of Brindol

Heroes of Overlook

Skardreg, Longbeard, and Francis left the corpse of the would-be mugger, Yerts, in the dark alleyway while Ravavyr and Clarissa trailed after Yerts’ partner in crime, Bronx. The trail of blood and scent of burnt flesh made it rather easy for Clarissa, in wolf form, to follow the injured thug. Deeper and deeper into the narrow paths of the city they followed him until they finally reached a filthy, run down dive of a tavern called the Pig and Bucket.

“An imaginative name for sure,” Clarissa muttered as she and Ravavyr stood across the street and took appraisal of the situation. The thief turned to the brutal thug. “Rough up your face, get a little dirty. We don’t need Bronx recognizing either of us.” Ravavyr nodded and Clarissa shifted back into wolf form. A rising cloud of shadows and smoke enveloped the thief and when it dissipated, a golden-eyed wolf was in her place. Together, they made their way across the street and entered the Pig and Bucket.

Inside, a collection of thieves and would-be adventurers plotting and planning sat or stood around a number of crudely crafted tables. The tops and sides had been worn down by years of patrons rubbing up against them or sliding wooden mugs and dirty plates across the top. Ravavyr quickly spotted Bronx sitting at a table with a few other ruffians, far back in the darkest corner of the poorly lit common room.

Ravavyr nonchalantly wandered around the tavern, before finally reaching the bar. Clarissa sniffed around and then curled up at the end of the bar, close to Bronx and the gambling ruffians. Clarissa was unable to hear their speech however. They were murmuring very quietly amongst themselves and the backdrop of sound from the others in the tavern masked what little she could hear.

Ravavyr met with little success, trying to edge his way into the game and eventually left the Pig and Bucket. Clarissa peeled off and hung out across the street, waiting for Bronx to leave. Much later that night, Bronx left the tavern and headed towards the eastern side of the city, bypassing the locked and guarded main gates, instead using a hidden passageway through the city wall.

Cautious about getting stuck outside the walls, Clarissa took a few moments to secure the outer door to prevent it from closing fully. By the time she turned around to hurry about Bronx, the thug had disappeared into the slums outside of Overlook. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to locate Bronx, but did learn that Yerts had run with the local thieves guild.

Back at Durkan’s… Longbeard, Francis, and Skardreg were sampling the many ales and beers available at the dwarven establishment. In the morning, the assembled Heroes of Brindol return to the High Hall after a week of high adventure and are honored as Heroes of Overlook for their part in vanquishing the orcs from the monastery and the sealing of the Nexus.

After a lengthy spending spree in the trade district of Overlook, the heroes were dragged off into the slums outside the walls to seek out Rufus Crumley, a gruesome man known for purchasing dead bodies from any and all. Despite the understanding between the guards and Crumley, Skardreg was intent on speaking with Crumley.

Rufus himself opened the door but quickly slammed it shut after Skardreg bluntly asked what he bought the bodies for. Skardreg knocked again and kicked open the door when Rufus tried to slam it shut again. A brief scuffle ensued, leaving most of the heroes weakened and barely able to stand. Only Longbeard avoided the worst of the effects. Rufus then levitated up into his tower… and called out to his ‘children’.

Moments later… four zombies fell and splattered bits of rotted flesh across the flagstones. Clarissa frowned and said…

“Well, that answers your question…. doesn’t it Skardreg?”



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