The Heroes of Brindol

Return to Overlook

continued from last week

Following the death of the shadar-kai witch, the Heroes pushed ever upwards into the Nexus, driving back Tusk and his forces. The battle was swiftly ended with the fierce leader, after Clarissa sent the heavily armored orog plummeting into the scalding water. Despite the burns, Tusk surged through the water and stripped off as much armor as he could reach. As Tusk pulled himself out of the water, the half-orc, Skardreg, ended the orog’s life with a sudden charge down the steps.

Realizing the orog leader of the orcish army might have important information upon his person, Skardreg then accepted the pain and injury of being immersed in the water as he labored under the heavy weight of Tusk and what was left of his armor. Meanwhile, Clarissa tried to figure out the levers and controls of the Nexus at the top of the room.

Her efforts, mostly unsuccessful, caused the water to start draining from the room and released several of the bulkhead doors. Orcish guards and bolters poured through these tunnels and into the Nexus. Skardreg, Francis, Wired, and Longbeard charged back and forth across the walkways to meet each group of orcs as they tried to push into the Nexus. Through much trial and error and finally with the aid of Ravavyr, she managed to stop the rise and fall of the water and seal all but one of the doors.

The thief leapt away from the infernal device, leaving it to Ravavyr as she dashed up the ladder to inspect the hatch. “Be ready to seal that last door Ser Rav. We shant have much time once the water reaches these heights.” Ravavyr nodded and waited as the water reached to top of the last set of steps, hoping the last steel bulkhead would shut, triggered by the rising water. Unfortunately, the mechanism must have been damaged by Clarissa’s unintended machinations.

The changeling rogue, waiting on the ladder, leapt down and slammed a final lever into place and the resonating thud of the last bulkhead crashing into stone reassured the Heroes of Brindol. Ravavyr then sped up the ladder as quick as he could. Clarissa pulled a hidden lever in some kind of stone well and solid chunks of stone and metal sealed the hatch. Climbing out of the Nexus and into the daylight invigorated the heroes after their long ordeal beneath the fields of the Stonehome Mountains region.

After a much needed rest, Skardreg urged his comrades back towards Overlook to report the events that had transpired since that fateful moment when they had discovered the monastery had fallen to the orcs. Despite the late hour, but with some difficulty, the Heroes of Brindol made their way into Overlook and convinced one of the dwarf guards at the gate to rouse the War Council to hear what had happened.

To pass the time until then, Skardreg and the others made their way to Durreg’s to have a warm meal for the first time in almost a week. An unpleasant duo decided to test their mettle against the Heroes… but were soon sent fleeing after Clarissa and Wired disassembled a foul-smelling cutthroat wielding a battered crossbow in the blink of an eye.

To further confuse the heroes… upon the dead thief’s body, they found a list of names and a payout for the death of each one. Upon that list were three of the heroes of Brindol… Longbeard, a recent addition to the Heroes, Wired, a deva of some renown and the changeling Ravavyr, whose bounty might even tempt Clarissa just out of spite for her name not being included on the list.

After reading the list, Clarissa frowned and vanished down the alleyway in the black-furred wolven form she wears like a second skin, to follow the hapless back-alley thief and find out who was hunting her allies.

… to be continued…



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